Saturday, July 2, 2016

O Love That Will Not Let Me Go (Indelible Grace)

My aunt on my father's side passed recently, just two months shy of 97 years of age.  She, like my late dad, was known for positive attitude, perseverance, and cheerful common sense.  Toward the last months of my aunt's life, she fell and broke her hip. Too elderly to have surgery, she remained in a hospital bed in her apartment with round-the-clock aides plus frequent visits from her adult children living within driving distance even if a few hours.  No matter what she might be asked to comment upon, Aunt Charlotte would often answer "It's wonderful!"  Positivity was ingrained in her genes!

Her daughters created a video of her last years of life, including photos of her eight years following a stroke in which she amazingly endured.  She made it a point to get out each day despite gradual loss of eyesight.  Rather than reading--an interest she loved--she began to listening not only to books but to the operas she used to love to attend in New York City or to watch on PBS.  Wonderful!

A friend recently affirmed that had this pained and suffering consecrated Catholic hermit-parent-mystic not had the often debilitating pain (such as today--unable to be up and around other than to hook up soaker hoses, and praise God for that much movement even if sickening!), that I would have been also a most positive, upbeat person.  I think I can remember way back when that was so, despite being a stretch of memory.  I have a renewed interest in aspiring to: "Wonderful!  Wonderful!"

My cousin alerted me to the video she posted, as well as to the song playing as background music.  It was one of my aunt's favorite hymns, I learned.  Also, I was directed to an online site that gave the story of the hymn writer, George Matheson.  My cousin thought it would have meaning and impact for me, which it did. I encourage readers to learn the background of the hymn and writer.  And now, enjoy a contemporary version of the hymn:  O Love That Will Not Let Me Go.

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