Thursday, July 28, 2016

Catholic Hermit: AAAACKKK

Well, a friend emailed this morning saying she knew of no one ever in her 70 years of life who has had as many repeated ordeals, bad luck, mishaps, injustices and whatever else.  She said I just never seem to catch a break.

I'm trying to push the body today, despite little sleep last night and liver pain flare up.  Just trying to get enough of kitchen unpacked in what cabinets are installed so that I can fulfill an order that has already been put on hold for over a week due to cabinet issues.

Did not let the unfortunate news that the daughter can only come for two days and will sleep in a tent rather than in the hermitage (such as it is without a sink--but at least a tub and toilet now!).  There is even a cleared area with sleeper sofa available.  I could tell she is not exactly looking forward to coming, and I can't blame her:  long drive, would help with some tasks here requiring another set of arms and a back, but her elbow is permanently injured and flares from one time working here and hurting it.  Don't want her to suffer more! However, it was previously going to be three days, and the excuse of not having "time" was thin.  Again, I certainly do not blame anyone for not wanting to lend a hand or even visit just for the heck of it--some fun [NOT]!

I praised the Lord and figured I might end up having a pain siege then, anyway.  Kind of get concerned about them driving such a long way for two days--and sleeping in a tent will not be the most comfortable; we could bring in the double bed mattress and set that up if sleeper sofa not appealing.  Well, again, gave the Lord glory of the victory over myself, of the bit of discouragement and negative thoughts that were tempting me, of the times I loved to go help them without giving a limit of days.  But then, I've always loved to work and help out with tasks, even as a child.  So I was blessed with that attitude and need to apply it to working here, solus Deus!

But, here we are, just shy of a week from getting the laptop back and working properly, and it is no longer charging.  So, back to civilization tomorrow, and I emphasized I sure hope the Apple Store will either provide a loaner-laptop or replace this one, for I have an order that needs to be filled and shipped.  There is not the leeway of another five days of iffy results with it being sent out for repair.  And simply giving another new charger is not going to work; obviously, something else needs to be repaired or the thing replaced.

Now, I was rather assertive and firm on the phone.  It was time to be blunt, to express the cost, the time, the pain of sitting and driving, and the repeated problems and missteps in this repair situation.  Even though blunt, I remained pleasant and positive.  And even now, I am not reacting other than will have to put off the watering for tomorrow, the tasks remaining in order to fulfill the order pending.

Yes, I realize this is yet another backlash, for there are way too many, daily, occurring.  The cabinet installer said he has never known of any customer having all the problems I have encountered and continue to encounter with Lowe's, and he has worked for them and been in cabinet making and install for years.  There is nothing "special" about being targeted by the evil one, no point in dwelling on it.

As I said to the Apple rep, we simply have to get the problem resolved one way or another, without my having more costs, time, energy, or failure to fulfill my responsibility to my client who has already waited patiently, being understanding of the ridiculous cabinet problems.

But when off the phone, I did let out an "aaaackkk" within.  No need to waste breath on it.  The Lord can hear my response; and I suppose the devil could hear it if I said it aloud.  Not going to.  Not going to react.  Just get the job done, go with the flow, do what is necessary and be thankful I can hopefully drive tomorrow and have maybe more sleep tonight.

Praise God!  Give God the glory for all victories over the obstacles and the various levels or rings of the soul of which the devil tries to involve in our daily lives.  We just cannot let it get to us and must always God-pivot.  We forge forward, and the inner aaaackkk has a big smile under it, like one of those amusing little emotives that people can use when laptops are functioning properly and capable of taking a charge....

Now, is this rather a pointless post from this nothing consecrated Catholic hermit?  Ought I be writing of lofty and ponderous concepts?  Perhaps. I am recalling when Jesus appeared in shadow in the doorway of this small cell in which I have a mattress on the floor (and thankful for it), and He said firmly, "Look at ME."

I'm trying, Lord.  I'm trying.  I see You smiling, too, as I am smiling.  Mercy!  The devil just does not seem to run out of tricks, does he?  And that is another point--not all that lofty, but so true.  We may as well get used to it.  Put the foot down and persevere, and keep trying to do good.  Let the tech person on the phone know that we wish them a good evening and appreciate their prompt attention.

Do not get distracted from the many prayer requests I have, especially the offer to pray much for the parish priest.  Set the goal to pray as much for him, for now, as for myself.  Do we realize just how many prayers we actually are praying for ourselves?  Nothing wrong with that, for we certainly need prayers; but my work is very much to be an intercessor, to pray for others.  It is akin to loving others as we love ourselves: pray for others as we pray for ourselves.

God bless His Real Presence in us!  Let us pray for one another in love, little children, as Jesus and many others in this temporal world and in the other side, certainly pray for us with much love.

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