Sunday, January 17, 2016

Catholic Hermit on Sin, Self-Righteousness

The question has arisen:  Can a hermit, even a Catholic hermit, become righteous?  Can a consecrated Catholic hermit come to a point in which he or she thinks he knows more than most others and definitely more than other hermits?  Can that attitude take root that a Catholic hermit is somehow especially equipped, gifted, intelligent, studied, a word: righteous?

The other morning the Living Word spoke to me as the double-edged sword He Is.

"I did not come to call the righteous but sinners."  

While struggling to get the tile mortar thick enough, and then to spread it at the proper depths and over an electric heat mat so as to keep the floor level (sideways and front-to-back), I have pondered His Word.  A nothing consecrated Catholic hermit has pondered and pondered His Word on who He calls.

And yes, it can be that a hermit, a Catholic hermit, a consecrated Catholic hermit and even one known and upheld as approved by others and the Church...and even one unknown to most everyone but a handful of friends far off...may and can become and can indeed be: righteous.

So with all the goofs and messes of this floor tiling task, I can see that there are as many sins available to commit and no doubt committed--as many and more than the abundance of tiling goofs and messes made by this consecrated Catholic hermit (of the hidden variety).

It has been a rough  couple of weeks.  Finances are tough.  Reality is raw regarding a couple family members.  Even getting basic Medicare is painful; the past had to be brought up in order to explore any means of even getting Medicare, only to find out that I will have to pay.  The cabinet combat continues, and the managers at Lowe's are not responding.  Friends think a lawyer is going to be necessary, but does this hermit want more battles with the temporal world and at what costs?

Even got lost trying to find the social security office...but the Lord led me out of the confusion of roads and streets to get there just in time for the appointment.  I admit over and over in my conversations with my Spouse, that I made many foolish mistakes in the way-distant past that are very much affecting my temporal existence in the present.  I've been far too trusting and naive; and as a result, put myself in the temporal pickle jar, so to speak.  But I also know that my Spouse will lead me out of all situations just as he led me out of being lost in civilization.

Truly, this nothing consecrated Catholic hermit becomes very lost in "civilization."  And as for sins, yes, I am a sinner, for there surely are flaws in a person who gets himself into repeated "pickle jars."  I even like pickles--the ones we eat, that is.

The main point I hold dear to my heart is that the Lord has called me.  He has called me to not only be a consecrated Catholic hermit, but to be His Beloved.  He has called me, a sinner, and being a consecrated Catholic hermit is but a pathway of sorts, and nothing worth being righteous about, ever.

God bless His Real Presence in us!  Little children, let us love God above all things and others as ourselves--but not love ourselves too much.  Self love can keep us from hearing Him calling.  We all are sinners, no matter how self-righteous we may be.

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