Sunday, December 27, 2015

Encouraging Message to Catholic Hermit

Recently someone sent an email message meant to encourage. It did do so, although what was pointed out does not make the every day reality of this hermit's earth life all that easier to plow.

But it made sense.

I had mentioned that seeing through the sledge of so much that goes on in life, having insights and dreams that depict the raw realities of self as well as of, sometimes, others--it is, as I explained, "an affliction."

This is how the person responded.  Perhaps if you tend to see through sledge and pray and ponder what is seen, and eventually speak or write truthfully the reality of what is seen which reaps the backlash, the following words will be of encouragement to you, as well.

"The affliction is a scandal because you and all the mystics are a slap in the face; a wake-up call to repent, change, and grow spiritually and people don't like that. Leaders (priest and parents like my mom) especially don't like that because they are forced to see the reality that we are all called to holiness. They are not ultimately in charge and those who used to look to them for guidance are now seeing that holiness is not only achievable but is their duty here on earth. We are less inclined to be blindly led when we have truth before us. And that is a mystic's greatest gift to the humanity. You reveal truth."

God bless His Real Presence in us! Little children, let us love God above all things and love others as ourselves.  And love of others includes loving to a point of toughness, that is, if we desire to be perfected by tough love, ourselves.  I tend to desire that love that will make me be as true a being as God wills me.

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