Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Catholic Hermit Shares Macarius' Mind-Opening Point

In reading Homily 47 of the outstanding writings of the holy, early century Macarius, this statement opened my mind to a sensible but hitherto unconsidered truth.

He wrote utilizing Scripture to explain metaphorically life lived under the Law of God.  This statement answers wonderings I've pondered for awhile, within.

"The individual person progresses, once he has received the life of the Holy Spirit and has eaten the Lamb and has been anointed by his blood and has eaten the true Bread, the living Word."

I re-read and then read again, over and over, letting the words and their meaning settle.  Macarius was not writing on that theme in particular.  His words were obvious to him in their import in that time period which was quite close in comparison to our time period, to the earthly existence of Jesus Christ, His disciples and apostles, and of the extant writings from Christ and His followers and the practices religiously that they lived.  

Obviously, they considered the living Word as true Bread.  That makes sense when we realize that the first half of the Catholic Mass is dedicated to the reading of the Living Word.  In Protestant church services, the reading, study of, and preaching the Living Word is predominant.

But what about this point that it is the true Bread?  That is what opens my mind and heart and soul to that which I'd not considered, yet it now makes total, true sense.  The reality has expanded Christ's gift of His Body and Blood to us, existing also and available to eat, in that true Bread, His living Word.

He is the Word.  His Word is living.  His Word is truth and life.  When I review Jesus' words to us in John 6, when we eat His Body and drink His Blood we will have true life in us, and when I consider that His Body and Blood are of course within the Living Word which is what Christ is called in totality of Who He Is, as well--all become quite precious and life-giving, sustaining, and eternal.

No wonder when we sup on Scripture and take it in through our eyes and with our mouths speak the Word, we are sustained by this true Bread, the living Word.  

Regardless how it affects others--this insight simply expressed so matter-of-factly from a saintly priest of the early centuries--the reality of what also is Christ and to be eaten, called the true Bread, is the living Word of God. 

I realize now how many of the early Christians and the desert fathers and especially the women eremites who were not priests and not consecrating the bread and wine--how they were sustained by His Body and Blood in yet another spiritually powerful act of consuming Christ.

(There is no point in sharing the insight with the parish priest nor most anyone I know, for it may be the type of truth that makes sense to us when the Holy Spirit has our minds, hearts, and souls ripe for the germination of this spiritual seed.  But I share it here, for some soul may be ripe, as was my soul.  I also doubt it would have as strong an impact on those who are physically able to avail themselves of the Body and Blood of Christ in the consecrated host and consecrated wine, when they attend Mass.  Yet it is of import to those paying attention, to heed and consume the immense value of also the true Bread, the living Word.)

God bless His Real Presence in us!  Little children, let us love one another and love God above all things!

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