Thursday, November 19, 2015

Catholic Hermit: Interesting Development, God Provides!

Recently this nothing consecrated Catholic hermit has prayed about and considered having an email account associated with this blog.  The thought came that perhaps some of the blog readers (including those living in other countries) might have prayer requests or some other desire to communicate or share.

So I was praying about it and waiting for some answer from the Lord.  I mentioned the thought the other morning to an adult daughter who listened and contributed some thoughts.  I said that the sense I was getting from prayer was to remain with the intrigue and mystery of not knowing specifics, thus not having an email account.  

Rather, listening in the silence of solitude, somehow the Lord would let me know the specific prayer needs of the readers and viewers; and through the Holy Spirit, I would continue to sense and pray for each and all of you.

Also, I told the daughter that surely the Lord would bring, if He wills and desires, those who might have needs such as dream interpretation or prayer needs.  There are ways to be in touch already.

Just a few hours later, there came a request from someone who had come across something I'd said.  He has had some fascinating dreams that are significant, yet he is uncertain as to what they mean.  He has requested help in dream interpretation.

It was rather an amazing (to me, at least) direct answer to what had been my prayer and what I was sensing the Lord's direction and leanings.  Those who have genuine need, He will bring over the means of cyberspace--that is,  those readers and viewers who with this hermit, remain anonymous one to the other except in our known love and respect as members of the Body of Christ.  

We are not strangers as souls who are seeking union with His Real Presence and are not strangers to our shared existence as souls living as God's creation on His created earth!

The young man has sent a detailed description of a dream.  I am currently praying about it and asking the Holy Spirit to give insights.  All, of course, is if the Lord wills.  But an important aspect that I clarified with the young man when he first inquired and asked for some assistance with his dream, is that what I am to assist with in such matters is very much to teach others how to interpret their dreams, how to discern spirits, and even how to approach the time, effect, and suspension of our wills and bodies in what we all experience:  sleep.

When the spiritual father called several days ago, this Catholic hermit asked him what he thought of an insight given recently regarding "sleep."  He found it fascinating but true, and I will share the insight with you in a separate blog post.  It is rather simple, actually, but yes, it has made a difference in my approach to sleep; and it certainly excited the spiritual father who said he would now view and utilize sleep as gift in a different light and spiritual perspective.

God is so good to us!  And the Holy Spirit continues to give us insights and to teach us even as we become old and think we are well-seasoned in this earthly existence--only to surprise us with something we'd not considered before.  What His Real Presence (in whatever varied means) shows and teaches us, no matter how long we've slugged it out in daily (and nightly) life, is of benefit.  God provides!

God bless His Real Presence in us!  Little children, let us love one another, help one another, share with one another what God provides materially and spiritually.  God Is Love, and He loves each and every one of us!

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