Thursday, February 12, 2015

Dealing Yet With Illness

Still very ill.  Have to get back to doctor.  Will see a different doctor; they are squeezing in the hermit to only slot left today.  The first antibiotic not effective, or not nearly enough.  On phone the previous doctor wants pricey x-ray, as she said is uncomfortable calling in another round of z-pack.

Devout Catholic, the deputy sheriff, just called. Had been in meetings all day.  Is trying to locate someone to drive sick nothing Catholic hermit to doctor. Otherwise, by the strength of God and the maternal care of Mary, will drive itself the distance to the clinic.

So many people are praying, the bulk the old friends who recall this nothing Catholic hermit from Protestant days. Good people, all of them--and all very upset when this nothing hermit converted to Catholicism nearly 20 years ago. The elderly aunt asked on phone today if surely someone from the hermit's church could help.  Did not want to report how sad a parish, how persecuting, how cold and cliquish. They have been unwilling to as much as help the hermit carry in five pieces of plywood.  Just a handful of devout Catholics in this remote area, says the deputy.  Thank God for him!

No, the Protestant aunt would not understand. It is our human condition and the devil's desire to disrupt.  The devil delights in infiltrating a Catholic parish, for sure, or any Christian church.   Anyway, all is forgiven the priest and parishioners in this far off place, at least from this nothing Catholic hermit's heart.  Must remain in exile, all the same, for now.

The aunt also would not understand the suffering this nothing Catholic hermit has promised to His Real Presence, and the sharing in just a small part of His sufferings.  Even when said to her the Lord is allowing this illness to strengthen and increase the hermit's faith, she said the hermit has plenty of faith, much faith, and so forth.  No, there is never enough faith.  This nothing Catholic hermit has been remiss in focus and discipline--distracted by the sneaky, tedious trials.

When was a Protestant, this now-Catholic-hermit did not understand nearly the depth and breadth of the spiritual realm, of the good of suffering, despite our knowing that Jesus died for us on the cross, and how the Father sacrificed His only Son for our salvation.  But the understanding of suffering is not there--not in the ways Catholics (or at least those Catholics who are plugged in with both prongs in the socket) understand.

It may be that the nothing Catholic hermit will need to get itself in the truck--Precious Blood, its name--and get there, and deal with the x-ray costs and whatever else.  The Lord will give the necessary strength and endurance.  Nothing has been through far worse.

Appreciate all and any and each and every prayer, though, dear readers!  This trial minor in the spectrum of life.  Far worse illnesses do others endure, and terrible accidents and murders and of course, the world terror situation.  But when we are ill and not improving enough, and there are daily, earthly duties, responsibilities, and financial concerns, of course we pray and do all possible to be able to continue to do as we ought--to right our errors and plights in this temporal realm.

God bless His Real Presence in us!  Little children, let us love one another!  Remain in His Love!

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