Friday, December 12, 2014

Asking Our Lady of Guadelupe for Miracles

This morning Jesus reminded this Catholic hermit that there are miracles out there for the asking.

Got a hold of Raphael, and he voiced the news that Jorge does not want to come and work.  Too far, too remote, would take too long to get here.  The hermit understands, for sure.  Raphael offered to send a couple of his men, but he needed to call back.  In the meantime, nothing Catholic hermit realized that today a couple of men might be lost in this mess; am not organized for general workers today.  Specific tasks and materials will be needed for two or more men.

And, it was going to put Raphael short a couple of men.  Will get the stud blocks nailed in downstairs so if they can come some day next week, could drywall especially the high parts.  And am praying they will want to begin helping build the stair landing.  Raphael did not call back, anyway, which seemed all right.  As God wills and allows, am learning from Jesus.

Considering what to do...with no Jorge who knows plumbing. It seems as if His Real Presence is yet expecting this hermit to do the technical aspects and mostly to do all work possible for one person, to be done in solitude.  With this insight came the reminder of the miracle of Guadalupe, of Juan Diego's sign of the Castilian roses given his bishop in December from the mountains, and his tilma reflecting Our Lady's image.

Yes!  Pray for a miracle!  So immediately commented silently within that given the glorious miracles that truly occurred and still do, surely she could provide a miracle here.   Then thought had better ask nicely, not "put it" to her!  So asked nicely, and by that time maybe a tad pleadingly, for a miracle here with the carpentry and plumbing to be done.  Maybe this hermitage itself will glorify God and be a miraculous reminder of His Real Presence and the graces of Our Lady given so lovingly.  

It is true that Juan Diego did not ask for a thing.  He was just walking along, going to Mass, when Our Lady appeared and asked for a chapel to be built on the location where he encountered her.

But nothing Catholic hermit asked, and perhaps ought to consider Our Lady here in Te Deum Hermitage.  Ought help prepare a place for her and St. Joseph, and make this stable as welcoming and comfortable as possible.  After all, a humble stable made Christ's birth all the more meaningful throughout the ages.

At least today Jesus wanted the lesson to be a strong reminder of faith, and of the sparkle of miracles!  There are miracles possible, and perhaps Our Lady provided a miracle already today, here, as the hermit began constructing a new doorway into the gable garret.  This required building a new support system to redistribute the load-bearing weight as a support stud needed to be sawed and removed.  

Considering this nothing hermit has never done this type of work before, it was surely a miracle that much has been accomplished.  And, it is a miracle for sure that this hermit did not flinch nor despair with the news that Jorge is not coming....  Thank you, Our Lady of Guadelupe!

God bless His Real Presence in us!  Little children, let us love one another--and not forget to love with true reality of her presence, also--our Holy Mother Mary!

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