Friday, November 21, 2014

Renunciation of the World

This topic will take more explanation, but this hermit is on that next phase, finally.  And with it are the typical temptations, memories, and painful reaching back into the world or thinking of what was or could be in the world, which the spiritual masters, and His Real Presence, teach about happening.

It is not easy, to be like Lot and not look back.  Let the dead bury the dead also comes to mind.

Regardless, even the word renunciation has good meaning, and yet it is not particularly easy for those who have accumulated much--not so much tangibly but in other aspects.

More, later.

Oh, some may wonder what site is so good as to counter and challenge this hermit's writing and spiritual journey.  Google Stillsong Hermitage, and that will take you to it.  Please, if it be your desire or inclination, join with the good person, who points out the flaws and failings, the wrongs and poor writing of this nothing Catholic hermit who writes this Catholic Hermit blog.  

Deserve all criticism, doubt, rebuke, refutation of anything this solitary hermit soul who is now renouncing the world, ought have.  God bless the other approved one, and any of you, for helping reveal all the bad in this nothing hermit, who is "me", in whatever is of "me."

"My" very Catholic friends grasp what is meant when this nothing Catholic hermit explains to them, that when it comes down to it, "I"  desire God more than Catholicism.  His Real Presence certainly understands what is meant.

God bless His Real Presence in us!  Little children, let us love one another, for God Is Love.  Remain in His Love!

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