Saturday, September 27, 2014

God in the Details

A tremendous relief blankets the mind, heart, and souls he. There is greater acceptance of God's will and allowance of all in our lives.

God is in the details.

Paying attention to those details assists in living and honoring the vocations which God has chosen for us and values very much.

Years ago, this "nothing" (not a Catholic nor a consecrated hermit then) had mentioned to The Lord that if He would remove the constant physical pain, then His child could do so much more for Him!

Dr. H. was in on the request and heard, also, God's response.  (It has proven purposeful that the Lord allowed a witness or two in some of the mysterious communications and experiences; He knows this one's tendency to doubt herself.)  The Lord answered immediately, saying, "that was a sweet but childish thought.  If you did not have this pain, you would be called too easily back out into the world."

This interchange with God occurred in June of 1988.  Already the beloved grandmother, deceased 20 years then, had appeared in the night (corporeal vision, i.e. stood as a living human being, in corpus, as she had been on earth).  She spoke, saying, "You must learn to hibernate like a bear for protection from the world."  Had she been sent to say, " Be a hermit," the message would have been lost to the mother of three little ones, still thinking remarriage might be in the future, and very much a Protestant, to which hermits were not viewed as viable but rather as recluses and oddities.

Reviewing the details that His Real Presence interjects in our lives gives us touch stones to turn over and review as helpful reminders, especially in times when we have wandered from the path God chooses for us, and also in times of personal incredulity that our lives really are meant to be this way or that.

The other day, a friend not familiar with the Catholic spirituality and theology but very much a beautiful soul and strong Christian, commented that sometimes things happen in life that are difficult and sad, because it is just the way life is.

In pondering this thought then and later, it did not settle "squarely" (like a cabinet base that had to be reset straight and square).  The thought, rather, in this hermit's spiritual journey, has evolved to an understanding and reality that there is not a category for occurrences as being "just part of life sometimes."

To this hermit, the reality is God.  All is spiritual over the temporal.  God Is Lord and Creator of the spiritual and of the temporal.  He is Lord and creator of all angels and all life, existence, being, and all tangibles.  Everything traces to God as Creator and Lord of all.  So no circumstances or situations are just life happens that way sometimes.

It can seem like that to us humans, but when we begin to grasp God's sovereignty, power, omniscience and presence, we may begin to also grasp that He is in all details.  Evil is not God, but He allows it for purposes that He knows will unfold as good in some way, now or later or past.  He is not limited by the earth time he created for our use and convenience.  (What a brilliant detail!  God Is so beyond our imaginations.)

But we try to imagine because He created and gifted us with capacity to see inner and outer images and thoughts.  Put these together, and we have imagination.

Everything that occurs in life is of or allowed by God.  Nothing is just circumstantial as how life "is" or that life is just like that sometimes.

This reality brings about positive thought and reaction to all situations we otherwise might deem bad, evil, sad, or pointless.  All becomes good in that we learn to alter our perspectives and gravitate more to God's view, the spiritual view, and to truly embrace and praise His Real Presence for all events, people, experiences, life and in death.

The more we enter into His Real Presence and allow ourselves to be subsumed into His All Beingness and Light, the more we will know how to "read and comprehend" the details in life whether to us or others they seem negative or positive.  No longer will inexplicable and tragic events, or even evil occurrences, be to us as just how it is in life.

There is always a reason and purpose God has for everything, temporal and spiritual.

How fascinating and marvelously helpful in our learning and growing into His Real Presence and becoming Love in Him.  How glorious when we can be In Him as God Is Love!

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