Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Suffering from heat causing increased radiating back pain and too ill to write more on the death experience. Will attempt it later.  Shoulder very, very painful.  Lots of triggers to pain and the ugliness involved in various injuries, so am doing all the more praying for not only my endurance in this time of sickening pain but also for others--very much so for others.  Plus, what does God will for me out of this life, as it is, here, with much of my body in maimed suffering?  How will I proceed with so much work to be done, and what can I offer Him and others from sickness, in solitude?

I will try to write more about the death experience soon.  It was not so much the peak and ultimate, glorious experience of God, but I suppose my story revolves around the miraculous occurrences involving people and how it all unfolded, that stand out to me.  The death in itself was glorious and profound, but I was not sent to heaven but was sent back.  My experience involves just how easy it is and nothing to fear, and how so much of us remains yet all the more in clarity.

So beautiful and glorious, is death and being with God so directly, without hindrances.

More later.

God bless His Real Presence in us.

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