Sunday, March 14, 2010

H-Word, More Than Ever Before

Although not using labels, am more than ever before that to which I'm called, consecrated, avowed. And then some.

More abandoned, more living the nine S', especially hidden like matter beneath the snow.

And without the label, far more free to go to God. He is bringing me to Himself, and it is quite painful.

Reading a bio, helpful, of which discussion therein belongs more on Victim Souls blog than this, if one is considering labels. Well, they are useful for some things, such as putting items in order.

As I'm going to begin doing this Fourth Sunday in Lent, lying here on sofa. Going to begin listing out the various specimen trees, shrubs and eventually perennials, on the web site. Some day might even divulge the website's "name". Another label?

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