Monday, January 11, 2010

Hermit Question, Comment

Someone has a question, left in a comment. Did not want name used but o.k. to quote.

"Dear Nothing, Have read an online hermit who has quoted your blogs, then writes about what you wrote. It bothers me because the person seems angry and acts like an expert, but tries to tear down what you write. They go on and on and on. Is this right for a hermit to do?"


Here we go again. For one thing, I have dumped the hermit label and even the nothing label, for it is a label, after all, and people judge even what is nothing. I will attempt to answer this reader's concerns because it brings up a good point. Should a hermit out there on line take someone else's writing, even if quoted, and basically try to discredit the thoughts or the person who wrote it? Should a hermit present him- or herself as an expert? Should a hermit come off as angry about what others write? Should a hermit go on and on about other people's ideas, especially if they evidently disagree?

Well, no. And yes. It does not matter. Here we go trying to figure out what a hermit should or should not do, write, think, act, feel. Can't seem to get away from trying to put qualifiers on hermits. I used to get into that, especially for myself. I'd be judging myself if I was living as a hermit ought, thinking, eating, breathing as a hermit ought. Became rather a complex, heavy-laden existence. Left the grapefruit rind with much of the juice squeezed out but not enjoyed. (I like grapefruit juice.)

Who cares, really, if a hermit wants to do this or that, quote my writing, praise it or denounce it. Hermit is a label, and what is in a person is what counts. Had to remind the elderly Sam at the hospital fitness center this morning of that fact. He keeps saying the most lovely comments to me, and it does cheer me, but I said it is what is inside our hearts that counts and told him what a beautiful man he is. And he is. Don't think he is Catholic, but he sure is a gorgeous, kind, sweet, Christian soul.

Let's not try to figure out if some hermit out there is doing as he or she ought to be doing. If it is coming across as kind of yanking my ideas, repeating them, going off on them a bit, and it is unpleasant to read or boring (if it goes on and on), or even offensive in some way, then don't read what that hermit writes. Pray for the person. But we can't determine, not really, what is going on in that person's body, mind, heart or soul. Only God knows the motives. Hermit is a word with lots of connotations and some denotations accumulated over the centuries. Just let the hermits be.

Yes, I sent up some flares recently, in writing thoughts that were reactions and personal insights into what I researched online about current hermit conditions. My Bishop had asked me to write a review for him--and get it down to a page! Mercy! But I did, and I shared much more on my blog, for I am concerned about the direction of the hermit vocation based upon what I uncovered online.

But I am done, now. My findings sent to my Bishop, and I think he is done with it, also. The process helped me dump the hermit label and more be desirous to live with, for, through and in Christ--if I can even get a handle on that! Probably not but will try. So I want to come to union with Christ. That involves taking some hits now and then, and also appreciating the consolations when they come, as they do with lovely comments from any source! And to give lovely comments, also, to others.

I want to focus on the web page I'm developing, and focus on prayer and existence and being a wild rose. I am fascinated with wild roses and their God-given endurance, strength, and freedom to be.
The photo at top of blog is a glimpse of one I found over by the tracks, and note the thicket of entangling branches not belonging to the rose, yet see the blood-red rose stem boldly holding it's position amidst the web. Here is a close up; I never realized a wild rose had red stems in winter!

Anyway, thanks for writing the comment and asking the question, but what online hermits write is what they want to write and how to spend their time, and I guess I am honored that the person is stimulated by my thoughts enough to feature them, even if in a disagreeable way, or to nick them in order to come up with more for him or her to write about. As St. Appolonia said when the wealthy were angry she gave her gift of choice apples to the poor: "What is mine, is theirs!"

Now, on to my web page, and I will probably write more on the Victim Souls of the Sacred Heart blog because I'm reading some fascinating books about suffering and victim souls. Hermit topics seem overdone, in some cases complexly controversial. Moving on here....

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