Thursday, May 4, 2017

Catholic Hermit: Blessed Mother, Take My Hand

A friend, many years my senior and with a practical and beloved relationship with Mary, sent this prayer poem.  She says it always reminds her of this nothing consecrated Catholic hermit being high up on ladders, or climbing ladders, or coming down from heights on ladders.

This friend has a tremendous gift of laughter and sense of humor!  I am so thankful for her prayers, those of her husband's, and for the fun (if not a bit raucous with laughter) are some of our phone conversations every few months.

I located this video of an elderly Irish woman reciting this prayer poem.  I am so taken by the woman's recitation due to her simplicity and humility.  Even at the end, to someone videotaping her in her living room, she said, "I fluffed!"  The videographer reminded her to say "Amen."  I rather think her unpretentious concluding words were a pleasing "Amen" to Our Lady!

Well, here is the prayer of which I cannot locate an author but might have been St. Alphonsus Ligouri or more probably some person, a soul who remains hidden in the Lord for eternity now.

Take my hand, O Blessed Mother.
Hold me firmly, 'lest I fall.
I grow nervous while walking,
and humbly on thee call.

Guide me over every crossing,
Watch me when I'm on the stairs.
Let me know that you're beside me.
Listen to my fervent prayers.

Bring me to my destination,
safely along the way.
Bless my every undertaking
And my duties for the day.

And when evening creeps upon me
I'll never fear to be alone.
Once again, O Blessed Mother,
Take my hand and lead me home.

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