Monday, December 12, 2016

Catholic Hermit on Warmth of the Sun with Brian Wilson/Eric Clapton

I won't take the time to write about the metaphor of lyrics and how I apply to my situation and personal relationship with Jesus Christ, but I love this version due to the innocent and sweet collaboration of musicians.  Neither one has envy of the other, do not detract nor dispute one another's rightful place as musicians.  They are obviously supportive and thoroughly enjoying the creative process which is downright holy, in making music together!

May it be so for all persons in any vocations, avocations, and careers!  Especially may it be so for all consecrated Catholic hermits, for any one at all in the consecrated life of the Church.  In fact, may it be collaboratively loving for any and all parishioners in parishes, or for that matter for all in any church whether or not of the various rites in the Catholic Church--East or West--or other Christian and other-faith groups who love God.

Eric Clapton is deemed one of the greatest guitarists of all, up there within the top five or so (but who can truly determine to classify such giftedness?).  Brian Wilson is deemed a musical genius in composition and vocal harmony.  Each man is now in early 70's; each rose up through childhood emotional trials within their family units.  Thus, it is well to note the influence of suffering--but not the type that overcomes totally, the sufferer.  Creativity tends to salve suffering.

Consider collaborative, supportive harmony in all our endeavors.  Eliminate envies or discrediting thought and commentary.  Open the clearing balm of creativity in our everyday contributions whether in the silence of solitude or amidst busy interactions in the active world.


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