Monday, August 22, 2016

Catholic Hermit Termporal Weary

Even writing about the conversation and flow of temporal incidents such as that of what people ingest, or insistent belief systems, or non-researched opinions of temporal aspects: wearies this nothing consecrated Catholic hermit.

The deeper conversion comes at a time much-needed.

Considering the artistry of being a hermit-soul seeking God, I found linkage with the patterns of other artists and what they found that pivoted them to deeper, richer expressions and offerings from their souls and their God-given gifts to God and others.

One similar strand that seems to run through artists' lives (and by artists I consider those in functional art, practical art, home arts, fine art, literary art, political art, spiritual art, etc.) is that at some point or other, they each have a turning point or several, but usually a major one that involves: focus.

I listened to and observed a video interview with, again, Brian Wilson, the musical genius and composer and founder of The Beach Boys.  Within three years at the beginning of what would be a long, musical career spanning over fifty years, Wilson had a pivotal moment.  He realized he was weary of the surf- and car-themed compositions with a signature rock-n-roll beat or "shuffle."

He felt called and moved--inspired and desirous--to create more artistic, explorative, musical compositions.  He ceased touring with the group and focused on composing.  Within two years, he had composed what is now known as the greatest recorded album collection of such music of the century, topping the Beatles' response album.

But the public did not purchase the album in the amounts they had the hit singles, and their recording company did not praise the album, "Pet Sounds", even though critics acclaimed the music as sheer genius.  Wilson went on to begin another album, "Smile."  But he did not complete that project until 2004.  He became discouraged by negative feedback from within the band as well as from Capitol Record Company.  And drugs took a toll on his physical, emotional, and mental health.

Even so, he endured the suffering and traversed the long road out of his period of seclusion and trials.  The ordeal brought forth more music.  Besides completing the "lost" album, "Smile"--acclaimed by music critics and public alike, and with "Pet Sounds" being declared the greatest album--Wilson focused on his musical compositions.  He produced more albums, more hit songs, and continues to perform with others and solo.

But he and most if not all artists go through a major turning point (often among various lesser turning points) in their artistic, creative, productive lives.  In the realm of "spiritual artists," such as Teresa of Avila and John of the Cross, of Padre Pio and any other saints that I can think of, there is such a turning point, as well.

The common thread among those seeking the artistry of life, the artistry of soul seeking God (which is what it all boils down to in substance and essence whether or not the various artists recognize their search for purpose in God) involves a more intense focus with a shift in soul and life circumstance.  There is a change that alters the artist's usual routine and effects change.  

This change can sometimes bring more solitude which ensures greater effort toward producing from within, utilizing their gifts, bringing what God evokes from them to fruition and for the betterment of those who desire what it is they have to bring to the world in one form or another.

The artist of whatever vocational path and passion, shifts from the distractions and pursues focus on his art form.  The hermit as artist, for example, removes to his cell and specializes in the soul seeking God artistry, bringing to fruition whatever "art" the Lord reveals and produces from the soul He created for a specific purpose.

The artistry of the soul seeking God necessarily goes through such a major shift at some point along the spiritual journey, and often with several minor shifts before and sometimes after.  We never cease to evolve if we are passing through the narrow gate.

God bless His Real Presence in us!

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