Monday, July 4, 2016

God Surprises Catholic Hermit

Yes, indeed.  This morning I shoveled and spread part of a load of black bark mulch that my neighbor lad had helped me offload into piles, nearly two weeks ago.  I was just ready to rise from the mattress again, having taken a couple hours to rest the very painful back, legs, and feet (lots of nerve pain today, plus headache, and liver area pain dicey!), when I heard a knock at the door.

It was the neighbor lad and his younger sister.  They'd brought a bag of Transparent Apples, and the boy quickly added before leaving, that he would be able to work toward the end of the week and listed the days.  Then he began telling his future schedule of when he had camps or other events, such as morning summer practices for athletics.

As I loaded his and his sister's arms with produce that no one had taken from the roadside table, I mused within about the turn around in this work-prospect.  Not a half hour ago a friend from afar had emailed that she was convinced that I was to leave here and that I simply had to keep at it, bit by bit.  I had returned a message reminding that without help, it is unlikely, even with a family member coming to visit next month for three or four days to help with the tasks I cannot do with God alone.

So God surprises.  I suppose the sting of the boy turning and seeing me mulching in front that day he was riding off with a friend, maybe somehow got him to thinking.  (Today he also mentioned his grandparents and what they had been doing or such. My mind was more dealing with physical pain and also the surprise God had provided with the visitors at the hermitage door, so I did not catch the details other than to muse that he wanted to express that his grandparents were indeed visiting, even if not 24/7.)

Regardless, I am praising God for the prospects are looking positive of another set of hands and a far better back than mine.  I do need help with tasks that--unless my angel were to materialize as a human and lend me an extra set of physical hands, or provide a miracle of work completed as I rest or sleep--will not be accomplished.

Wonders never cease.  I am guardedly encouraged, not that I do not have full faith in the Lord's surprise this afternoon.  It is just that I think He wants me to remain very much in the Order of the Present Moment, even to the detail of a lad being more available to work now, seeming to want to work, and presenting a positive, organized, thoughtful plan of when he can help out the old hermit.

Maybe it is when I have totally accepted that I will be content existing in a rather unlivable dwelling, that the Lord decided to land a surprise.  The Transparent Apples will be well-utilized, for sure.  Whatever greens, beets, Snow Peas and strawberries that remained at the roadside table will be utilized by the neighbors.  They declined the be expected.  I blend it as part of my Green Glory breakfast drink.

So, back out to Precious Blood (name of my used pick-up) and to start off-loading the black bark mulch that has been there for ten days now.  The body can only do so much with the higher level of pain, and the needs of the gardens took time and effort.  Whenever, which is rare, that I make the long journey to civilization, I try to be efficient, and a load of mulch is part of the errand list.

Well, praise be to God for the Fourth of July surprise!  Must have been my own thoughts, not God's Mind, that the neighbors wanted no involvement and the lad did not want to work; or else he had a change of mind or circumstance, or both, for the hourly wage is a dream come true for most laborers.  This hermit is not stingy; but there must be justice in the work that is accomplished.  We must not let others take advantage for that is allowing them to damage their souls.  No, we must not let others do that to themselves.

God bless His Real Presence in us, little children.  Let us love God above all things and love His surprises, too.  Let us love one another as Jesus loves us.

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