Friday, July 15, 2016

Catholic Hermit's Little Window to the World

The little window is frustrating.  Not so easy to type on a pad.  Even more difficult to edit.   Often, what is written gets altered by the "mind" of the tech tool, this sensitive pad's keyboard.

Thus, my last post has errors in it of which I cannot correct until my main window to the world is repaired and returned, snug in this otherwise hidden-from-the-world hermitage.

Today I am praying for victims of terrorism and the people of Turkey, plus for the personal prayer needs of spiritual friends and anyone else the Lord brings to mind.  I pray it is His Mind, of course!

One addendum on viewing news, the pain has so limited my body and life physically, that sometimes it seems strange to see people out in life, in the world, living what we consider to be full and normal lives.  Way back, after the car accident, back surgeries, loss of spouse and career, I could not easily watch news because it was difficult to see in others all that had been taken from me, my crucifixion back then.

Now, sometimes I notice people with those full and normal lives, and realize that for years I've been called to a full and abnormal life...that is, how those in the world might perceive my existence.

Whatever, mostly it takes a selflessness to watch the news through the window to the world, and then to pray my heart out and offer my suffering, also, as prayer.

At times, though, I still have the odd sensation of realizing just how different is my existence from that of those who are out there, without considering the freedom of movement, for example, or just to be able to sit!

Fascinating to ponder the various aspects of our lives and how the Lord calls us to a variety of living them.

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