Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Earth as Tabernacle

I just had another thought, while writing to someone who had some responses and was trying to better grasp the death of our will.

It has to do with readying to head out to hopefully plant some bare root starts this afternoon, despite the pain level in the body being higher today.  I had been considering the soul Tabernacle and the hermitage and hermit vocation as tabernacles, and then came the insight that the very earth is a tabernacle.

Within the earth, that the little bare root plants will be lovingly placed once I clear some weeds and prepare a mounded row--is the power of God Most High.  Within the soil is His Real Presence and the miracle to create life from a seed or to cause a plant start to thrive into maturity and productive fruitfulness.

Now, that is truly something, is it not?

It is true that I have so loved Eucharistic Adoration in the past, and can bring the mind to spiritually adore, to see in the mind's eye a monstrance with consecrated host.  But the little bare root plants are so needing to get into the ground for their survival, that even if I had a tangible monstrance here with consecrated host, or had a tangible Tabernacle with host, or could find an unlocked parish and go to kneel before the Tabernacle with His Real Presence miraculously within the host--there is the earth right outside this hermitage.

The earth is a Tabernacle with His Real Presence in mysterious, miraculous power to create life, to promote life, to bless all of life with His power and might, His saving love.  Yes, I will now go and adore His Real Presence in the Tabernacle made available to me. I will adore with love and will listen to anything He might impart.

Later, a sweet addendum:  Taped to the bottom of a 5-gallon bucket given me by the departed family (while using it to put weeds in) I saw the grandson's juvenile scrawl of his name, markered on duct tape....  So the Lord brought him to the earth tabernacle today, to adore and be adored, the Lord and the little child.

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