Saturday, December 26, 2015

Hermit Reflects on Letter to the Hebrews

The Book of Hebrews

Reflections written as tribute to a consistently scepter-holding priest ~ by this joyful hermit....

Christmas 2015

Chapter 1

After Jesus’ earthly sin bearing, dying death, He exists as all-sustaining Word as one with God.  In these days, our present moments now, God is speaking to us.  He speaks through Jesus, the Word, the Living Word.  God created the universe and all aspects of existence through Jesus Whom He calls His Son and Heir of all fathomable and unfathomable things. 

The Living Word, the Word made flesh—Jesus—sustains all by His Word.  This is love of God in Himself and God Is Love.  The Word who sustains all, accomplished purification from sins by the Word-made-flesh bearing all sin and being crucified with all sin expiated, once, for all.

After Jesus’ earthly sin bearing, dying death, He exists as all-sustaining Word as One with Love Is God. The Word is filled with and reflecting His Glory: light reflecting refulgent light reflecting refulgent light infinitely, forever and ever. He is in His Glory, the Word inheriting a name that is perfection, more excellent than beings of light named angels.

Higher than the angels, God placed the Word and called Him “Son.”  He asked all the angels to worship Him.  He gave the angels their purpose: be winds and fiery flames of ministry.  Of His Son, the Living Word, God gave Him the scepter of righteousness in God’s Kingdom, for the Son loves justice and hates wickedness.  God anointed His Son with oil of joy above all lesser joys.

All that God creates—of heaven and earth—are perishable.  People, things, earth, wind, rain, fire—all age in time, dissipate, depart.  God takes all tangible creation and changes all tangible creation, no matter what it is, who it is, where it is.  But God-Is-Love and His Living Word never change and exist forever.

All things temporal change.  Bodies, circumstances, places, thoughts, emotions, attitudes, actions change.  Even vocations change.  And souls change.  Yet of all things and aspects in time and temporal  that change, only living souls and angels created by God exist eternally.  They exist and continue to be influenced, reformed, commissioned by the Living Word-God-Love—infinitely, in God, without end.

Do the souls that sin has deadened, exist infinitely dead? It seems so, for even a soul that is deadened with sin exists dead, is nothing.

God speaks to souls in these days, now, and anoints souls with oil of joy.  He calls them Sons, and gives them scepters of righteousness in His kingdom on earth—that kingdom of proclaiming God’s righteousness, of loving justice, of hating evil.  They are a little lower than the angels, these anointed souls, made to be ministers of the Living Word’s Words.  

These Sons are to think, speak, live Truth, Beauty, Goodness; the Way and the Life; to be a reflection of the refulgence of Light; to accept the scepter of righteousness and stand in life on earth to the right of the Word at the right of God in heaven.

These earthly Sons who are anointed with all celebrated joy of oil of gladness who accept the righteous scepter and who live and think and speak and do as the Living Word, exist in God.  Their souls change as does reflected light, increasing intensity, reflecting and refracting, metamorphosing truth and goodness and love, beautifully, sincerely, as generous as is justice pure and love perfect. Their souls exist infinitely as light and love, worshiping as voice of God speaking to us through His Son, as His Living Word.

These are the earthly priests of God, created a little less than the angels—yet whom He calls as ministers of reflections of the refulgence of His glory.  They are His Sons, and of them God is father, and they are called sons.  Their earthly presence will perish, but if their souls (as all souls) carry to the earthly end the scepter of righteousness in His truth, beauty, goodness, light, and love—they will remain, and they will be the same in God, the lights of many souls fed by these priests redounding in the splendor of His mighty word, vivified in the refulgence of His glory, forever and ever.

For those anointed with the joyful oil of gladness, yet weaken in hatred of evil, who lose grip on the scepter of righteousness, who trade justice for temporal prestige, power, position—what is their fate as earthly priests of God?  When the bodies decay and the soul yet exists, is the existence death, that of nothingness?  Do souls that are deadened by sins on earth, exist as dead nothings infinitely, or is there merely nothing, and thus no existence, ever more?

We wonder that surely the angels and all ministering spirits sent to serve, are to do and have done so “for the sake of those who are to inherit salvation.”  And surely, those of earth who ask for and accept in joyful celebrations the anointing of the oil of gladness, will be as ministering spirits even if for a portion of their time that has end, lesser beings than the angels but with souls.  Even if they have not grown old with the scepter of righteousness yet clasped in their hands, surely there will be some light remaining to carry their souls into infinite momentum, of inherited salvation, some taste of His portion and cup.

And for all souls wearing the garments of genders on this earth, may we all be open to whatever anointing of oil of gladness that has been given us, that we strive to hold with these ministering priests of earth, the scepter of righteousness. May we help them hold onto love of justice and hatred of evil, as all our souls are vulnerable to weakness.  When it is time for each of our bodies to perish, may our souls be sifted and become magnifying light, changed and luminous, all existing infinitely together, light within Light.

God gift eternal love.

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