Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Blessings

Easter blessings, everyone!

This Easter Sunday, the nothing Catholic hermit spent in the tomb.  In essence, this is how and where every living being spends Easter.  We exist in the tomb--this life on earth, this place wherever it may be--and we do what it is that we do in our bodies in our world, as children of God, as brothers and sisters, as spouses of Christ Jesus.  

And we wait.  We breathe, think, pray, praise, do and exist among each other and all creation, while we wait.  We wait through, with, and in His Real Presence.  We wait in varying degrees of mortal suffering...wait for our deaths and wait for our resurrection.  We wait to be eternally one with the One Trinity:  God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  

So yesterday (Easter Sunday), the nothing Catholic hermit waited along with all Creation waiting in our created existence.  

And the hermit "did."  It praised God, prayed with supplications, worshipped and received the Eucharist several times in spiritual communion with God and His Body, the Church.  It spent the day in spirit with the family of man and all creation all about in sentient and non-sentient being.  It spent the day in earthly doing, as well.

Raphael had unexpectedly stopped by the hermitage on Holy Saturday.  He had news.  Jorge had decided to help out.  (Perhaps work in civilization was slow, or else God touched his heart and mind, as he now agreed to come to this place of exile and help the hermit make better progress in the heavier tasks remaining here.)  And Juanito will come, also, to continue hanging the heavy sheets of sheetrock.  And the hermit is to get some aspects completed so that they can begin work early Monday.  

While here, Raphael mentions with emphasis that Jorge is a very good Catholic.  Ah, Raphael has come to grasp that the hermit (who he does not know is a consecrated Catholic hermit but knows is Catholic, as he is Catholic) is very Catholic.  Marvelous to consider that over time, one's devotion and essence seeps through to others, somehow--by the grace of God, of course.

So in the tomb, on Easter (and actually every day, for the tomb is ours while we exist on earth), the nothing Catholic hermit had some earthly tasks needing physical tending.  And in the process of these tasks, it noticed the water pressure low, and then no cold water at all!  The hermit descended into the underworld of this tomb, this hermitage, and discovered that the week prior, it had made a ridiculous error in connecting and routing a main cold water line--well, had not connected it to what it needed to be connected with and thus the line had run dry.

There is always cause and effect, in the temporal realm and, of course, in the spiritual realm of the One reality.  And the effect of having erred in how and to what the hermit had connected a main cold water line, was quickly eventual in the lack of cold water.  (The hot water lines are correct and positively effective.)  

There are always root causes to every effect.  The root cause of the error in the cold water line is simple enough.  The hermit was fresh off the severe pain siege when the son-in-law helped from above while the hermit worked below, and its mind was yet too distracted by yet too much pain to think through the maze of pipes...then.  But on Easter Sunday, under the house, the hermit readily saw the problem and knew it would need to leave the private tomb and make a trip to the public tomb of the greater tomb of the world-at-large.

So off to civilization and to Lowe's.  Additional plumbing parts are needed for the fix, and there was no time to waste with Jorge and Juanito coming.  Humans appreciate having water, and in our day and age, many of us are unused to not being able to turn a faucet to receive water in abundance.  This is simply a temporal effect; the spiritual is that of always having the Living Water:  Jesus Christ--not that we think of Him and His Effect, when we use a water faucet and see and feel and utilize the water that pours forth.  But we could, and we ought--think of and praise His Living Water so available to us...unless we make an error in our spiritual plumbing and our pipes run dry.

Well, fix it.  And even the fixing requires the grace and goodness of His Real Presence, of Jesus, of His Living Water.  We all need water for survival, tangibly and spiritually, with the spiritual being the One reality, the eternal effect of the spiritual cause.

When at Lowe's, the hermit noticed a skeleton crew. But what it learned is that the very best and most competent of employees manned the store.  Why?  They are the ones who can handle more than their own departments, thus allowing the bulk of workers to not need to work on the holiday, the holy day (not that it is considered as such by many in the world, these days).

Rusty was in plumbing, and we discussed Ray again.  Ray no longer works because cancer represented itself in his body.  And Rusty and his wife invited Ray to live with them in his final time on earth, not knowing for sure how long that might be.  Ray has no one else, it seems, and Rusty and his wife are giving of themselves, offering to share their earthly tomb with a man who is sick, suffering, and dying.  They are offering Ray cups of Christ's Living Water.  

Yes, Rusty seems an expert at plumbing, both of the temporal cause and effect and of the spiritual--refreshingly not even realizing the depth and flow of this fact.  He is humble, and he and his wife know how to utilize His Living Water, which might also be called Christ Love.

Regardless all this, Easter this year took Christ's cause to meaningful, Christ effect.  The causes and effects abound in the tomb and rise beyond it.  Love covers a multitude of sins.  That is enough to ponder, in itself, when in the tomb, waiting in, with, and through His Real Presence, and water abundant.

God bless His Real Presence in us!  Let us love one another, little children of the Living Water!  Easter blessings!

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