Monday, April 13, 2015

Catholic Hermit's Friend Shares Cardinal Rules of Life

A friend from childhood who's life is, of course, different in vocation than this hermit's, posted the 7 Cardinal Rules of Life that he found floating the internet.  They are not specifically religious; but they do make good suggestions, rooted in Christian truths. Perhaps they could read, also, as follows:  

  • Stay in God's Order of the Present Moment.  
  • Be concerned with what God thinks of you, not what others think.  
  • Be patient in the face of trials and amidst daily life.  
  • Use God's gift of free will to be positive.  
  • Don't judge others; do unto them as you would wish them to do unto you.  
  • God holds all the answers; pray and ask Him for them, then listen.  
  • Be other-centered and compassionate.

Regarding Rule #2 (What other people think of you is none of your business), some close friends as well as some blog readers are each in agreement that their reading and sharing with the hermit what another blogger writes in confutation of and in rather demeaning reaction to the posts this nothing Catholic hermit writes, is not worth knowing.   The two of us consecrated Catholic hermits (and our respective friends and blog readers) are on different wave lengths, obviously.  The nothing Catholic hermit's Spiritual Father says:  "Pay no attention to that other! Ridiculous!  But keep writing!"

And truly, when the writing rises beyond that which is below and quests for what Pseudo-Dionysius expresses as the things of God and of God's Beautiful, this nothing Catholic hermit's mind, heart, and spirit rise in kind.  (And it surely helps the body feel more buoyant in subtle ways, also!)  There is freedom in seeking after the things of God,  in yearning for His Beautiful--and of not succumbing onto infertile ground.

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