Saturday, March 21, 2015

Hermits and Bees: Psalm 7: 11-12a

A total of five bees have been gently encouraged to cling to the end of a fly-swatter, while the nothing Catholic hermit glides open the window a few inches and prods them motion-ward into their right and just world.

The significance of bees inside the hermitage, buzzing and bouncing noisily against the prison bars of the sun-bathed window:  Stings the hermit heart.

The simile also stings true.  A hermit in the wrong world is like these bees trapped inside, not in their natural, God-ordained element.

Free in the created world of nature, finding fresh air, flowers with nectar, other bees in which to make hives and live in their own culture--fulfilling their mission of procreation and bee hive productivity:  A God-given bee calling.

A hermit must exist in the freedom, environment, and mission of its God-given hermit calling.  This is somewhere within another space and sphere whether or not in a built hermitage or constructed world.  A hermit is called by God to be with God, to be in Him without buzz or bounce, sting or flight.  

A hermit breathes intimately 

within His Real Presence, 
invisible behind 
His silent shield.  
A just God saves 
an upright hermit: 
His own heart.

God bless our real presence in Him.  God bless His Real Presence in us.  Remain in His Love.

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