Wednesday, January 28, 2015

More Thoughts on Humility

Thoughts continue on the treasure of humility.  This virtue is a continuous journey.  It eludes us right when we think we have grasped.

Humility and love live best with one another in the recesses of the soul.  They shine softly and silently.  It is said that humility detects and desists an oncoming argument.

Some wise thoughts read recently, on humility, include this jewel:  
Humility is constant forgetfulness of one's achievements.

It is the admission that in all the world that one is the least important and also the greatest sinner.

It is the disposition of a contrite soul and the abdication of one's own will.

St. John Climacus proposed his own definition.  (It might be well for each of us to do likewise.  Yes, ponder within the stillness of our souls and allow His Real Presence inspire the facets of this virtue.)

"Humility is a grace in the soul with a name known only to those who have experience of it.  It is indescribable wealth, a name, and a gift from God.  'Learn from Me,' He said, that is, not from an angel, not from a man, not from a book, but 'from Me,' that is, from My dwelling within you, from My illumination and action within you, for I am gentle and meek of heart' [Matthew 11:29] in thought and in spirit, and your souls will find rest from conflicts and relief from evil thoughts."

Perhaps this definition is not as simple as some.  Certainly it is beautiful and full of truth.  In a recent discussion with the spiritual father, the point was made that if we write from our hearts and linked with His Living Word, the content will be beautiful and fresh and holy.  (The conversation was in conjunction of realizing that attempting to explain what saints have written in hopes of making their writings more easily understood, the result seems to be that of more confusion than had one read what the saints wrote to begin with.)

Today am going to pray and ask for His Real Presence's definition of humility.  Am sure such a definition can vary from soul to soul, as His Real Presence molds each and teaches and guides, impeccably to each to his or her own grasp, in any given moment or phase of the spiritual journey. 

And then will pray for the grace and gift of this stunning virtue.

As for yesterday's thoughts on hermit titles and humility, presumably there are temporal reasons that could be proffered, as to why have oneself identified in one way or another.  Just seems as if a title or identifying symbol or letters with one's name, could be in opposition to forgetfulness of one's achievements.  It would not be contrary to admitting to all the world that one is the least important and the greatest sinner.  Yet, the topic is not one to debate, for each hermit has his or her reasons for whatever he or she chooses at any given time or phase of the spiritual life progression.

There have been aspects of this nothing which defy purity of humility.  And, when recalled, this or that action occurred in times of persecution or of insecurity, of needing to feel justified or valued. Seems these reasons indicate lapses in humility.  They are very real, though, and at some point in learning from His Real Presence how to be meek and humble of heart, we will see that we do not need such reassurances in or of the world, even if it is the Catholic world, or the world of a group of types, such as consecrated religious eremitics.  

We will all falter from time to time in our grasp of pure humility, until we have holy humility and love, united within us, and us united within His Real Presence within us.  While on earth, we may have our lapses, for whatever reasons.  When we come to deeply know ourselves, we will find that our lapses from humility have excuses attached to each and every one.  Humility and love will draw us out of ourselves, if we ask and pray for inner clarity.

God bless His Real Presence in us!  Little children, let us love one another, for God Is Love!  Ask for the grace and gift of holy humility.   It will come in bits and pieces.  No one ascends the stairway to heaven in one giant step.

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