Wednesday, December 10, 2014

What Do You Want Us To Learn Today, Jesus?

Just as this prayer was uttered in trusting simplicity to Jesus, someone telephoned.

The person had encountered a mother who irritates and has for years.  The person apologized for griping, but felt needed to get it out--the picayune things that were observed in a brief encounter in public.

Nothing Catholic hermit mentioned having just prayed, asking Jesus what He wanted it to learn today.  Mentioned the Scripture in which Jesus says, "...learn from me."  

This hermit has done all the talking and encouraging for the person to try to let the irritating quirks or even occasional rudeness of the other person to pass, to flow away, to turn it into prayer, to conquer and not be so bothered.  However, today this nothing hermit realized that Jesus wanted it to learn to just listen and let the other spew a bit.  Then to share some thoughts on how perhaps the elderly mother was frustrated, and also that the Lord is still working on her just as He is trying to work on us.

But for the most part, it seems as if what this nothing Catholic hermit is to learn from Jesus is to just listen to the venting and frustration, sad and imprisoning as it is for the daughter who is triggered easily by any encounter with the mother.  It is part of compassion, for Jesus listens to this hermit non-stop.  

In fact, the hermit mentioned to the caller that it has finally become fed up and bored by its own complaining about the living conditions, the being taken advantage of, the losses and hardships.  Hermit sick of its own self, and yet Jesus still listens lovingly, patiently, yet tries to give little reminders to change the habits, alter the flaws into virtues or at least bring them to self-awareness and hope to turn them to some sort of good.

Can't join in with the phone caller's irks, for nothing Catholic hermit is learning yet more compassion and understanding.  It understands how an elderly person may feel--tired, pained, something maybe gone wrong this morning, trying to adapt to a retirement home, facing loss of so much of what she used to be able to control.  

But also this hermit is learning compassion for the daughter who simply cannot seem to break free of the upset that comments by and seeing her mother causes within to a point of irritating obsession.  That may not change in this life, and even when the mother passes, if she passes before the daughter (we never know, really), perhaps the memory of the mother will be irritating.

Nothing Catholic hermit is learning to listen and to understand that others may not conquer what imprisons.  Nothing can pray, and nothing can continue to learn, to ask Jesus what He wants this hermit to learn, each day, each present moment.  

Learning how boring and pointless is its own complaining about its own errors and being ripped off is a big lesson to learn today.  Learning that others have done marvelously in the footsteps of Jesus in patiently listening to the hermit's gripes (some not so patient but tried to listen) is quite a lesson, too.

God bless His Real Presence in us!  Little children, let us love one another, for God Is Love and He wants us to learn from Him all about love!

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