Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Swimming to the Indwelling Trinity

Now that the drain of past temporal judgments and opinions are swept out and away, my soul is less cluttered and can freely dive into the vast love, beauty and freedom of the Indwelling Trinity:  His Real Presence:  Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

I would love to return to poetry, to have that sweet grace and the loving, creative spark renewed in my mind, heart and soul.  I don't know if the spark will come....

A spark needs 
optimum conditions 
to become energy 
enough to incite flame.  
There needs to 
Be great love.  

Perhaps that can come from 
the two sticks or 
the two pieces of flint--
such temporals--
abrasively rubbing one against 
the other over a length of time.

But as soon as the spark 
flies free and 
the kindling ignited 
with loving desire 
in His Real Presence, 
the temporal rub can cease.  

The Trinity takes over 
in the mystical realm, 
the spiritual is the force and space and heat 
required to keep the fire burning 
deep in the soul of the being 
in the Being.

That is where 
I desire to exist:
in the burning fire 
of His Trinitarian Love.

I don't belong to the other world. 
It is not for me a welcoming place;
and only because there is this other world 
there is a place for kindred souls,.
God directs:
Swim out into the deep.  

Don't worry about the others, 
don't tarry to extricate them
from the nets, for they are all right 
where they are, in their place. 
I Am is taking care of them
as I Am you.  

But swim on out 
into the deep, yourself.
That is where you belong.  

That is your place,
where you fit in,
not mired in that which 

Is not intended by 
here, now, or ever.

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