Sunday, June 15, 2014

Few Catholic Hermits, Multitudes of Souls

So much physical pain today, and yet this Catholic hermit has dressed, stretched and also communicated via another video.  The thoughts are on this Solemnity of the Holy Trinity, plus a tiny discussion of being given a heavenly name.  We all are given a name in heaven.  There is allusion to this in the Book of Revelation, but this comes to me also through lived, spiritual experience.

As for mode of communication, written and verbal, one YouTube channel is not functioning properly, but the other channel is uploading.  Thus, there is a shift to that channel in order to practice verbal communication of thoughts and sharing of the spiritual life from the perspective of a Catholic hermit.

In considering how very few hermits there actually are, world-wide (despite there being a greater awareness for some as to the increased interest in hermit vocation), hermits remain a miniscule portion of the population.  When the secular hermits are removed from the numbers, the amount of religious hermits is quite small.  

When the Catholic hermits are removed from the numbers of religious hermits, the number diminishes substantially.  When the privately professed Catholic hermits and publicly professed Catholic hermits are, either one, taken away, the actual number of either of theses designations of hermits is so tiny as to be of not much concern to anyone but God, or so one would hope.

But when we all consider ourselves souls seeking God and desiring the indwelling of the Most Holy Trinity, surely in all of Christendom there are many souls who seek and desire, and who will eventually be quite aware of the power and treasure of the Trinity within, indwelling.

Indwelling is more than a word.  The Holy Trinity indwelling our souls, is a marvel too grand to embrace other than by love.  And love itself is too sublime a reality to define with words, yet we continue to attempt verbalizing as well as enacting with our minds and bodies, the love given us by the indwelling Father, Son and Holy Spirit in our souls created by God--souls that are eternal.

God bless His Indwelling Real Presence in us!

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