Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Espousal of the Soul

Juxtaposed with the prayers for the temporal in all of our souls, is the celebration on this 26th anniversary of the espousal of my soul.

There is a lovely, ethereal yet temporally real, story behind the betrothal.  But for now and the rest of this evening, as some thirsty trees and perennials want water, I will water while pondering the glory the Beloved in His goodness, and His invitation to each of us, to be His betrothed.

Mine happened to occur on the Feast of St. John the Baptist, celebrating his birthday.  The surprise element came in many aspects, including that I was not Catholic then and had no notion of what day is June 24 nor what flower involved in the waking vision.

I found out that, and more.  Lovely:  St. John's Wort.  That is the flower of the espousal of my soul by and to and in God.

God bless His very Real Presence in us!

St. John's Wort by Kathleen M. Daley

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