Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Catholic Hermit on God's Time

This lesson is not new, but it came today with added effect.

Time is God's, not mine.  Time is God's gift.  Once in His will, He utilizes time in ways not ours.  He surprises us with time, time and again.

After hours yesterday and today in shimming many uneven studs, readying for an angel of a man named Raphael to come and help install the largest of the drywall pieces to higher areas, it was decided that the wall really needs to be rebuilt.  

Too many studs off-kilter; too many shims had been nailed meticulously but dotted up and down the studs in an attempt make the wall more plumb.  (Having it not slant at all is not feasible due to the header plate that cannot be moved...unless we get into major engineering feats requiring special equipment.)

Yes, it was disappointing to face all those hours, for seemingly no avail, measuring, sawing, shimming, nailing, replacing switch and outlet electrical boxes to accommodate the shimmed out studs.  All those trips up and down the ladder, out to the radial arm saw, back in, using the level to double check, and over all trying to do the best possible job with what was at hand.

Now the plumbing pipes running through the studs (hours spent measuring, dry fitting, gluing, cutting pass-through holes, making sure the slope correct for drainage) and the electrical wiring and all switch and outlet boxes (hours the electrician spent plus fees) will need to be removed and later redone once the new wall is in place.

The irony of having prayed this morning to be given the grace to face any and all obstacles, hit its mark when in physical weariness, the reality affixed itself.  Think of all those hours!  And think, also, of having asked of the Holy Spirit yesterday to fill me with more love of God, love of others, love of doing this physically and mentally challenging carpentry.

And so the prayers are answered.  The grace is given, the greater love is within.  And the reminder lesson that time belongs to God and however He wills its dispensing, and however utilization He chooses--with our wills having the task of using time as best we can and for good purpose, holy purposes.

Thus, the gift of hours to work on a slanted wall, yesterday and today, are not for naught.  There was much prayer going on during the shimming endeavors.  There was praise and even elation with loving this work and seeing progress as the last shim was tacked into place and the last upper brace board was nailed.  And there was much grace given within when Raphael suggested it really would be best to rebuild the wall, for the emotions wanted to cry and quit, and the temptation was to just stick the drywall on the shim-patchworked studs, and hope for the best, later, when hanging the cabinets.

But the grace is given, also, to consider what a beautiful gift is God's time, and that in reality none of it was wasted.  It took not much time to pry off all the shims and pieces of shims, and pull the tacks and nails, and organize the pieces of shims by lengths so as to use them later on other projects--and to minimize the cost loss.

Yes, it is all God's time, not ours.  Not a moment is wasted if our wills are in God's will, and if the gift of time is set with loving intentions, no matter what the task--eating, sleeping, working, playing, daydreaming.  How loving a gift is God's time, all the time.

Time was then spent figuring out how many 2x4"x12' studs are needed for the new wall.  Time was spent figuring when Raphael and Johnny could come again to lift the heavy drywall pieces and install them.  Time was spent assessing the wiring and plumbing and having ideas on when and how to remove and later re-install into a new wall.

Time was spent getting a grip on all that work done and all the work that now needs to be done, in addition to driving to get the lumber.  And the grip on it all is gripping the truth that it is God's time, and all I need to do is use it as best I can and be grateful for time, all the time.

God bless His Real Presence in all of us!

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