Saturday, May 31, 2014

Aha! Prime Practice for Embracing a Cross

No sooner than having posted the previous blog, a sampling example presented itself.  The wondrous ways of the Holy Spirit never disappoint a desirous soul!  A change of plans seemingly to the detriment instead are grasped with love and delight as opportunity.

A [strong] family member and [very strong] spouse offered to come to my hermitage today to help with many heavy tasks.  Part of the happiness in anticipating their visit included loving conversation, a picnic at a nearby overlook, and simply sharing time together amidst appreciated physical help.  But a message was sent saying not today.  This has occurred the last three times of an offer to help.  Oh, my, the Lord and this hermit know how help is needed here.  

But, immediately the realization of such a marvelous opportunity at my spiritual doorstep superseded the human tendency to be disappointed, to feel slighted, to reflect on the reneged previous offers.  Excitement took over, partly at the miraculous timing and marvels of God!  I pray for whatever I write to be helpful to my soul and to others, and pleasing to Christ and His Church.  

Being given an immediate practice exercise in running toward and embracing this little cross at the start of the work day, is exhilarating!  I lift it up in my hands toward heaven and praise God for knowing what I had just written and for answering my prayers in order to be able to practice what I wrote.

He also knows how tired I am, and how much effort this past week in helping and interacting with others as called upon.  I also grasp that He desires me to consider Jesus as enough for me, and whoever Jesus calls into service to help me with a necessary dump run, requiring sawing some planks gutted from this upstairs room--too long for the truck bed.  Saw them, load them, tarp and tie down...and off to the dump.

I shall saw the filthy, old boards as if sawing off sin after sin in my soul and the souls of all in the world.  I shall lift and load as burdens lifted from our lives and from the souls in purgatory.  I shall cover all over and tarp down, and dump them off in the place designated for such loads of debris.

I praise God and thank Him for hearing and answering my prayers--and for giving me a ripe example of how the soul can delight in disappointments that can seem like, or even be, slights of some sort.  We learn that God knows best, and nothing is a slight or disapproval or rejection but merely a change in His plans for us in any given present moment.  The Lord has a surprise awaiting today, instead!

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