Saturday, October 23, 2010

Catholic Hermit Is Asked Again....

Yet again someone has asked for clarification of what has been promoted online, in refute of what I have simply stated of truth. I will again clarify the hermit vocation as defined by the Church. Truth is refreshingly simple, even humble.

The request for clarification regards the descriptor and condition of hermit life as "hidden". See the Catechism of the Catholic Church, 920 and specifically 921.  (CL603 does not vary much in content or intent from this, as well.)

"...HIDDEN from the eyes of men, the life of the hermit is a silent preaching of the Lord, to whom he has surrendered his life simply because HE [Christ] is everything to him.  Here is a particular call to find in the desert, in the thick of spiritual battle, the glory of the Crucified One" (emphases added).

I do not know what is so difficult to comprehend in the fact that hermits are called to be HIDDEN from the EYES of MEN.

Those who may remain confused on the issue, read the concise, defining points of the eremitic vocation in the Catechism, 920-21, and the brief, clear-cut CL603.  There is no need for anyone to obfuscate these few lines of what has always and should always be the hermit life, of stricter separation from the world, solitary, prayerful, and as is specifically stated, hidden.  If still confused, take your cues, above all, from Jesus Christ.

Note:  I have edited my postscript, as a handful struggle to accept cited truth as well as personal observations.  Since the blogs receive heavy traffic, the proceeding post contains the citations referenced above.


Laurie said...

Did you thank God that you "were not as other men"?

Ermita├▒oUrbano said...

muchas gracias¡

nothing said...

You are so welcome, and Blessed Good Friday and Holy Triduum! Prayers for you and your life in Christ and all your family and friends!